Korea and history

Posted: May 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hopes are really high for tge North Korea/South Korea and US.

Id you remember history in 2000 there was a similar realignemnt with the father of Kim Yong Un.

Aside a lot of smile and good will (ending the war, opening a shared industrial park and tourism, reuniting separated families) it all just ended with a massive USD500bn bribe for the regime.

So we are all hoping for a better future, but realism is a must.

Even if all is good, we will need to wait and see if words become actions.

Definitely, unless China fully support North Korea, US history (Lybia,Iraq,Syria) have shown Nirth Korea that it cannot be trusted (specially Lybia is quite similar with Gadhafi renouncing nuclear weapons and then getting killed by the Clinton team).

Time and again Kim Yong Un has shown he is the smart (if violent) kid on the block.


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