Syria and Israel

Posted: April 20, 2018 in Uncategorized

Syria and Israel is more Iran-Israel than Syria.

This is one of the most incandescent scenario.

Israel keeps on hitting Iranian targets without any regard of international rules and Iran keeps on building foreign presence – again in disregard of international rules.

The situation is increasingly going for the worse. Israel just withdrew its elite F15 squadron  from the most interesting war scenario training in Alaska – as it needs to keep them at home in case of open warfare.

While Israel hits the Iranian base I pretty much suspect that Iran is using the recent Palestinian mass protests to infiltrate operators within Israel itself (hence the Israel extreme response to these mass protests).

Interestingly Lebanese Hezbollah (usually considered an Iranian proxy) clear told Israel they are not interested in an Iran/ Israel confrontation (as they are streched in Syria against IS and there is a Lebanese election pending)- so most of the Iranian moves are around the Golan area.

There are also few other issues at work.

Economically it has been found a large LNG field in the Mediterranean  between Cyprus and Israel – so there are a series of close call between Israel, Iran, Turkey, US, Russia,  Greece and Italy in the area ( too long to enumerate – and unreported from the media).

Israel lobbies in the US are trying to support the new security adviser Bolton (practically Dr Strangelove reborn) and Pompeo against General Mattis as Bolton and Pompeo are full on against Iran – while Mattis knows that a war against Iran will probably induce a Third World War (the Chinese ambassador clearly stated they stand with Iran). General Mattis was the one who convinced President Trump to do just a “show” attack against Syria without upsetting the Russians or Iranians excessively.

The US Congress is working on removing the “super power” granted to President Obama – the same superpower that allowed President Obama to destroy Libya (and throw it to the terrorists) without even asking the US Congress.

So there are a lot of good an bad forces at play that could shape the entire world.


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