Syria gas attack and UK gas poisoning

Posted: April 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

How they are linked? Well strangely yesterday in the media maelstrom the media forgot to mention an interesting fact.

A Spiez Swiss chemical laboratory (so not US sponsored) find that the poison used on the Skripal agents was…Western made. How about creating a diversion (go and see the movie Wag the dog).

In Syria the attack happened even if there is no prove of law on who did it and there is no way to know (aeoind that area theee are at least 6 different war actors backed by various states from Iran to Saudi and Turkey). Anyway funny enough the US has conquered 1/3 of a sovereign country, Turkey (NATO) invaded a sovereign NATO and Israel bombs it at will. And the Western media are all fine.

The attack was quite an harmless show as the Russians warned of terrible consequences. And unnoticed from most China fielded the largest battleship group in front of Taiwan.

If memory serves you right you can notice there is a parallel …Poland and Hawaii …so it is a warning that history can rhyme also in blood. Luckily General Mattis is a studious of history. The man who saved the world.


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