Posted: April 12, 2018 in Uncategorized

The US has threatened to retaliate against the non-proven Syrian gas attack (why you should use a gas attack with secure reprisal when you are winning really does not make sense, by the way).

For the first time Russia declared that it would shoot down any missile and “the launching platform”. This is an escalation. Russia has already shown a capacity to intercept (April 2017 of 57 Tomahawks just under 30 hit. In the last Israeli attack (from a sovereign different country, Lebanon, but they are ally of the West-so is fine) 8 missiles were shot and only 3 landed.

Trump intended to hit immediately, but with the threat probably Grn. Mattis asked to wait. There is only a missile cruiser in the area that could be easily overwhelmed and sunk by Russian fire (!!!). Aircraft carriers just left the US (estimated arrival 5 to 15 days).

Also last week China warned the US that they are very good allies of Russia.

Now let’s hope that someone have a sense.

Otherwise we are staring at Armageddon (which location is actually very close the Golan Heights on the border with Syria).

But why Trump warning? He always criticized Obama for telegraphing his intention?

Maybe to say to the Russian and co. This is just a TV reality show to distract Mueller. So please play by the rules protest and do not start a real war.

A dangerous game.


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