Red Storm Rising

Posted: March 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

The US and UK are escalating the pressure on Russia.

And Russia is very quick in eacalating back.

UK accused Russia of poisoning an ex Russian agent just giving 1 day to recuse (international law says 10 days from providing a sample).

US started to arm Ukraine with deadly weapon (instead of just protective weapon).

US is accusing Russia of infrastructure cyberattack.

Russia is saying that they see preparation of a fake gas attack to be blame on Syria and warned of retaliation on any asset used to punish Assad.

Russia is showing off the new nukes.

Now we have a scary shift. While before Russia was quite slow and quite low profile, it seems Putin lost all hope of reconciliation.

The immediate expulsion of 23 diplomats from Russia and the closing of a UK/Russia facility signals a different pattern.

Welcome back to the Cold War .2 but without rules of engagement.


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