Our kind of traitor – Russia vs the West

Posted: March 15, 2018 in Uncategorized

The UK is escalating the war of sanctions and expulsion against Russia.

The West is truly back to the cold with with Russia.

Apart the poison used there is no clear indication that the kill has been mandated by the Russian Government.

The only thing sure that, due to the poison used, it is a kill from a Government or afrom someone that has access to Government laboratories (and Russia for the 10 years after the Cold War has been the black market of these items).

In the spy world the first issue is that  “hit” could be from the hostile or simulated by a friendly that wants to show the hostile as bad (false flag operation).

So the accusation against Russia are unsubstantiated.

But if President Putin ordered the hit why could have done? The target was a UK double agent working for the Russian military secret service (GRU) – exchanged with Russian spies over 10 years ago.

The hit, if it was that, would be a message (hence the use of a clearly government sponsored weapon). It says that if you betray Russia we will find you and your family.

No matter time, protection and circumstances.

This is happening as the US and West is doubling down in their anti Russia efforts both political, military and secret operation.

If it was a Western false flag – why would have happened? With the war in Ukraine kind of frozen (even if the US started the delivery of offensive weapon to Ukraine) and the increasing distance between the US and Europe due to President Trump – sanctions would have been lifted pretty soon and a rapprochement Europe-Russia would be starting. Now there is a case of more sanctions (but interestingly both France and Italy want to see the proof).

As you see…real shades of grey. Our kind of traitor is a John Le Carre book


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