Posted: March 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

A few days after Trump economic adviser “resigned” also the Secretary of State Tillerson is gone. All the ex corporate CEO are going. Which were quite moderate.

Pompeo, ex CIA director, is an hardliner. He is specially famous for considering China more than Russia as an adversary. And naturally Iran (well everybody in US who understands the Iraq wars is against Iran as most of the IED that blew up Americans were from Iran). Also Pompeo does not believe in Russia meddling with US election.

So in all the changes are towards more an hard line US position.

Also, everybody will praise the first female director of the CIA.

Woman yes, good not. She was in charge of a rendition prison in Thailand (waterboarding etc) and executed an order to destroy evidence before a Congress inquiry).

In all the US is showing its real face (real even with President Obama). Just another Empire coated with a democracy sprinkle.


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