The Rise of the Empires

Posted: March 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

In 2018 we see a common trend …the rise of the Empires.

In US President Trump is eliminating all the outsiders (Cohn, Tillerson) and substituting them with loyalist (Navarro and Pompeo – both anti-China). And it seems also Gen McMaster and Mattis are on the way out – as they are too independent thinking.

In China – President Xi is now more powerful than Chairman Mao and can reign supreme until death. Any dissident get arrested or disappears.

In Russia – President Putin is going to towards re-election. Any dissident gets killed.

China and Russia are already made clear they are not a democracy.

The US has very little of Democracy remaining. I wonder when it will be clear to everybody that it is an empire in disguise (just use the media to kill the truth).

The “check and balance” strategy is disappearing. And all the three empires are concentrating in the next generation of war machines.


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