A Third Lebanese War

Posted: February 21, 2018 in Uncategorized

There are so many things happening in Syria and surrounding that is hard to keep pace.

The latest is that Syrian-allied troops are supporting against Turkey (apart what you read on the media….the reality is that Turkey – a NATO country – invaded Syria with the silent approval of the US and Russia. Syria is simply protecting its legal borders).

But something larger and even more ominous is happening.

It is a few year that a large LNG field has been found off the coasts of Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Israel and Egypt. But now the real digging starts and things are becoming even hotter.

Turkey breached the Cypriot economic zone with warship and intercepted a Saipem (Italian energy giant ENI) oil drill ship.

It has already started a war of world between Egypt and Turkey – in 2013 Cyprus and Egypt signed an exploration collaboration for the gas fields. Now turkey says that the agreement is invalid.

Naturally Israel is interest and already the Iranian proxy Hezbollah made known that any Israeli oil platform will be subject to rocket fire.

Italian Eni and Saipem, American Exxon and Nobel , Qatar petroleum and Israeli Avner Oil, BG and Delek Drilling are all involved. 4.5 Trillion cubic footof LNG!!

And already you can see the rivalry Cyprus, US, Israel, Greece, Egypt vs Turkey vs Lebanon/Syria/ Iran at least.

Here we go again – as usual we will be told that there are some “baddies” to take care (well the US did intervene to save the Yazidis when Islamic State was starting to threaten the Iraqis Exxon oil field).



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