Syria: Turkey’s hand

Posted: January 16, 2018 in Uncategorized

Turkey is losing patience with both the US and Russia. It has been outplayed by both the US and Russia, but now it wants to set things right with brute force.

The issue are the Kurds – the fighters that had a large responsibility in defeating IS, but considered terrorists by Turkey.

The US has just declared that is supporting a Kurdish border force which will be made up by over 30,000. The US says this is to be sure IS will never return – the reality is that – having lost the proxy – war against Syria, it wants to partition Syria so to have a zone of influence.

The Russians have a long standing friendship with the Kurds 9they were used by the Soviets for operation against NATO- Turkey) and are directly interposing their forces between the Turkish -supported fighters and Kurdish forces.

Now Turkey lost its patience and wants to get rid of the Kurd and is planning a military action.

Initially the drone attack on the Russian base was seen as Turkey sponsored. But both Putin and Erdogan denies it.

This is a major issues as there are American and Russian forces embedded  with the Kurd and mistakes can easily lead to escalation.


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