Market Euphoria

Posted: January 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

The market is going really good. Is there a too good option. Well YES.

The relative strength of the entire US index is over 80. More than 2007 or 2000.


The market cannot last with this strength forever. The issue is timing.

In year 2000 he RSI went over 70 the 30 April 98 and started cracking mid September 2000.

In Year 2007 it went over 70 in October 2006 and than cracked in October 2007.

In 2017 the RSI went over 70 in March 2016. So the first natural point of control are March 2017 and October 2017.

Euphoria is always the sign of the End.

Party like 2007 – hard but with a parachute ready.



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