Australia – China: too late to say sorry

Posted: December 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

Finally the Australian politicians are waking up to the silent Chinese invasion.

Sorry mate, you are too late.

It is over 20 years that China is investing (or infiltrating) in every aspect of Australian house.

From commodities to properties. From schools to tourism – the Australian politicians said that they were so good – in reality they just rode the Chinese investments in every part of our society.

And I say this not in a bad manner. The US does the same with Mexico and the South America – and with much worst consequences.

But the politicians created a wealth totally depended on China (1 in the world for dependence on China – even accounting only the minerals China export are 6% of GDP (Forbes 2015).

Now the Chinese have reason you cannot bite the hand that feed you.

Specially in this moment of Australian weakness (especially as personal consumption) the hands that feeds you can easily strangle you.

They should have thought about it 20 years ago at the start of the mining boom..


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