A Game of Saud Throne

Posted: November 12, 2017 in Uncategorized

Saudia Arabia is in complete turmoil

The kingdom was ruled by consensus.

The Saud family boasts 15,000 person of which 4,000 of power. Always intriguing, fighting and vying for power.

Now the Crown Prince eliminated this structure with a Games of Thrones textbook operation.

Arrested a number of ultra powerful families and killed 2 princes (one directly, one unknown helicopter crash).

Meanwhile they put in house arrest the Lebanese PM and the Yemeni PM.

It accused Lebanon of waving war against them (as Lebanon is practically governed by Hizbollah).

Also via a leaked Israeli cable, they are allied to Israel.

Saudi Arabia and UAE demanded their citizens to leave Lebanon.

Yemen launched a ballistic missile (US and Saudi accused Iran of it. Definitely Iran produced the rocket. Nobody knows if the Houthis obeywd an order- quite a few time they disobeyed). Baharain just accused Iran to blowing up a gas pipeline.

Israel just had its greatest wargames evee and developed a new technology that enables them to see tunnels (used a lot by Hizbollah in 2006). And a general said that the next war against Hizbollah is just a “when” not an if.

And this is just the surface as in the client newsletter I dig a bit deeper.

Iran answer, on the surface, has been quite restrained for now. They even closed for 2 days one of the most warmongering newspaper. But definitely the Iran hawks are gaining ground.

As Cersei Lannister of Games of Thrones put it. In a game of thrones you either win or die. There is no middle ground.

Naturally the largest repercussions will be felt on oil and gold.


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