Kurdish dream crushed

Posted: October 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

The Kurds , as the Islamic State is defeated, declared a referendum and independence.

As usual, they got used and now discarded as both Turkey and Iraq (which is an Iranian pawn) does not want it (in and around Kirkuk there is a lot of oil).

Already the Kurdish fighter are in full flight against the might of Iran which gave them an ultimatum.

Both the US and Russia have the hands tight as they are allies of the party involved (but only the Kurds are easily dismissed).

The only help they could have would be Israel – but even for Israel a direct confrontation so far from its border would be unsustainable (but probably they will help black-op style).

I am quite sad that one of the main forces that defeated IS (together with Iranian/Russian forces) again has been used and then discarded. Unfortunately it happens often.

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