President Trump: Rogue One

Posted: October 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

This past weekend President Trump showed that he cannot be tamed, not even by General Kelly.

On North Korea practically he contradicted Tillerson saying that, after a decade of failed negotiations with North Korea only one solution will work (well you can guess which one).

At a session with the military leaders he scolded everyone saying that they need to present with military plans in timely matters, notwithstanding the bureaucracy. And it finished it with the cryptic message – maybe we are in the call before the storm (and everyone is still wondering what he meant…North Korea, Iran or both?).

He lashed out against GOP Senator Corker – who is essential to pass the tax reforms.

In the coming days probably he will decertify the Iran deal (decertify means that the deal will have to pass to Congress again- it is a mainly symbolic gesture).

And this is just an highlight.

If you did not understand …there is a pattern – it is practically always doing the reverse of President Obama.

Why? You have to go back to 2011 when President Obama humiliated in public candidate Trump in a manner who would have infuriated even a lamb as Trump, even if he could – could not have answered. It was a low point for President Obama that is paying dearly (whatever you think of Trump – it is not a way to do it).

And he is notorious for not being a lamb.

You can see the anger in Donald Trump eyes and now you can feel it in President Rogue One.



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