Spain – a sad and proud lesson

Posted: October 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

Spain in Barcelona voted 90% pro independence with over 42.3% turnout – still a great number.

This notwithstanding federal and military police bashing voters, closing polls and Google and the like complying with Government order and shutting down information (more than 800 people officially injured – 92 polling stations forcibly closed  (Government data, Catalan data say 319 out of 2,300). Police even charged local firefighters and local police with batons as they were trying to protect people.

It is not about if the referendum is good, bad or illegal. It is the massive and fascist response of the Spanish Government in the heart of Europe.

This is not happening in Russia, China, Venezuela….but in Spain.  This is what happen when you do not comply with the US/West mandated democracy.

It should be a lesson for all of us and the importance of democracy. When you see movies sometime think that they are not so far fetched. I still remember.


Julian Assange – Is this respect of Democracy and freedom – Activate Article 7 of the European Union and suspend Spain for violation.


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