Above all fears

Posted: September 26, 2017 in Uncategorized

The war of words between North Korea and the US is reaching peak level.

North korea has just issued a statement that the words of the US are tantamount to a war declaration and any aircraft that fly near the North Korean space could be targeted as hostile.

To tell you the truth – I can understand the point of view of Kim Yong Un. If they say that the they will kill me and I am the leader…that sounds like a declaration of war – maybe not formal, but it is.

Again mostly is escalating pressures as not the North Korean nor the Americans changed their military asset positions.

But what it is increasing it is the potential of miscalculation.

What if a warning shot is misinterpreted?

In 2001 a North Korean airplane trying to intercept a US aircraft actually collided with it, but in 2001 there was no tension.

Also Kim promised a hydrogen bomb test in the Pacific. To be sure there is no damage probably will be a high altitude test in the direction of the US coastline to make a point.

Something could go wrong. The US could try an intercept.

So again – while nobody really wants a war the probability of an error are rising exponentially.

As Dr Strangelove cum Trump would put it

Capture Trump Dr Strangelove


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