Spain-dark side of Europe

Posted: September 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

Spain, with the Catalan referendum, is showing the reality of Western democracy. All is democratic and respected until you behave sheepishly and follow the Government rules.

As the Catalan seccession referendum is not wanted by Europe and Spain, politicians have been arrested and riots are exploding.

Now, forget the name Spain and substitute it let’s say with Argentina or Chile or China. Then you would hear the Western media going on a rampage and Trump wanting to intervene to restore US mandated democracy.

And this is just an example that is replicated everywhere. Started with the Greek referendum anti EU (won but subverted by the government).

And it is also in the society. The generic hate of Muslims. The pro gay marriage debate (whatever your position is, if you try and post on FB something against gay marriage you will be insulted).

And it finishes with Apple X. A facial recognition software to open your phone that most probably feeds directly to CIA database is so Orwellian is scary.

Fascism is rearing is ugly head and we are sliding into it.

Think, don’t just listen.


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