North Korea new sanctions

Posted: September 13, 2017 in Uncategorized

North Korea new sanctions are hard, but not crippling and probably will just push North Korea more towards full nuclear armament.

No oil embargo, no crippling blow. But the stop to textile and coal hits 2/3 of their exports. North Korea is resilient – it lasted through a 1994/98 famine that killed 3 million people and last year its GDP grew +3.8% …yes better than most countries from a very low base.

What you will probably see a continuous escalating tensions, but aimed not at blowing over as North Korea is trying to buy time to achieve its nuclear status.

But we personally are in the front line as, to get money, North Korea will attack using cryptocurrencies and wannacry style ransomware (the latest ransomware attack appear to have been of North Korean origin).

But a mega cyberattack could also prompt a physical US retaliation. Even if it is a false flag attack – very easy to produce.

So do not relax your guard .


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