Dr. Strangelove thesis on North Korea

Posted: September 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

Dr. Strangelove was arguing that nuclear war is good.

Now people believe North Korea will not happen as it is bad. But would it be bad for a current Dr. Strangelove?

Not at all.

For North Korea. Definitely Kim does not want to be dragged shot and hanged like Gaddafi or Saddam. Better a huge majestic ball of fire and a mass cyberattack.

For the US it is not unconcivable.

-Trump, in a war, practically could not be impeached.

-Better millions of South Korean dead than the equivalent in the US.

-A serious war with North Korea would put strain on China as immigration wave and maritime traffic. This is important as China is beating the US on many fronts in the last 4 years.

-South Korea is an ally that, under Moon, is slowly turning to China.

Personally North Korea is a proxy war China/US ( a UN investigation in 2016 showed that salvaged pieces of rockets had Chinese hardware inside).

So Dr. Strangelove theories are still truly alive.


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