China vs India: Doklam stand off

Posted: August 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

While everyone is watching North Korea, China and India are really closing into a real war.

The Docklam standoff started in June and probably China could give an ultimatum to India before the Brics convention in early September.

Docklam is part of Buthan which is independent but is kind of an Indian protectorate.

For China is important as per the Chinese One Belt Road. For India is important as as gives direct access to its main north region and moreover control the waterways (water, but also monsoon floods).

And contrary to North Korea, the belligerants are moving military assets for a confrontation.

In a battle the Chinese, like in 1962, have the superiority as the Indian Army just started to upgrade their systems. The only advantage of India is in aviation system as the airports on the Chinese side are at high altitude (over 5000 meters) and aircraft have difficulties in take off at those height due to air rarefaction and weather).

But we are talking about 2 nuclear powers going potentially to war. And Trump just supported India in the standoff (Russia is not clear which side stays).

The risk factor is also that wars (North Korea, Doklam) could link and become.

It will not happen…but nobody can predict war as history teaches.


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