The fall of Bannon

Posted: August 19, 2017 in Uncategorized

Another week another piece in Trump’s kingdom falls.

Bannon was an important piece in Trump elite. He was extreme right and the brain of the most controversial ideas. Trump’s attack dog.

His fall, although welcome, brings some not so good consequences.

Bannon was the link between Trump and his voter base. They will claim Trump has been neutered by the Deep State powers.

In effect the fall has been organized by General (Ret) Kelly.

There are unconfirmed report that was a rift on North Korea.

The military triumvirate (Kelly, McMaster, Mattis) is for an intervention while the Banning faction thought that North Korea was just a distraction versus the real enemy, China.

We will find soon as now the military triumvirate is in charge of the US foreign affairs at least.

Usually military people are less likely to start a war as they know what it is. But if they start they will take no prisoners.

Time will show.


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