Electrical cars issues

Posted: July 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

Now we are starting hearing that France and the UK are banning petrol and diesel cars.

As usual the statement is vague as politicians are out of touch.

Apart the good idea, issues are everywhere. Even in a quick take

1. everywhere (including Australia) we have an electrical grid that cannot cope already now due to air conditioners, imagine cars.

2. The government should roll out a number of fast charging high power charging points for thousands of cars.

3. The government will have to change the tax system as a large part of tax receipt comes from fuel ( here comes the talk of pay by kilometer rego).

Even the definition of EV vehicles is quite confusing (hybrid).

2040 is quite far, but if you think how many years and money it is needed to re do the national electricity grid…it is not so far. And imagine the electricity bills….

So…exam failed, back to study the matter.


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