Takes on the G-19

Posted: July 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

It is funny how pictures shows more than 1000 words.

From the pictures it seems that Trump is quite isolated and that is why it a  G19.

President Trump and Merkel (Germany) clearly do not like each other (as Junker, EU).

Trump and Putin are quite happy together (as Merkel and Putin).

Trudeau (Canada) and Macron (France) like a lot Merkel.

Turnbull (Australia) does not particularly go with Trump, but likes a lot Macron.

Macron does not like Trump.

Trump and Abe (Japan) are ok with each other and so is Theresa May (UK).

Other weird tales from Hamburg.

Ivanka Trump presided the chair of the President – who said that nepotism was a Vatican prerogative?

As the economy (apparently) is all good for the industrial banking elite….the huge demonstrations and fights on the street show that the “average Joe” is not that happy!!


China and Germany are taking the lead from the US as world leader.

Putin is playing the long game to re enter the correct circle.

The US is fading into isolationist.

The worry is that no dominant super power, in the human history, went into second place without a fight.

Even the first and second world war, in reality, was between a declining British empire and a rising German nation.



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