Cyber Attack

Posted: June 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

In a few months we have two major cyber attacks.

Those cyberattacks are provoked by normal criminals, not even terrorists or state adversaries and still cripple the net.

And this tools are simply some basic tools stolen by some hackers from the NSA.

It makes you wonder what would happen in a real cyber war.

Courtesy to Snowden we know that the US has planted a killswitch in the water and energy supplies of friendly countries like Germany, Japan and Austria (in case they decide to be not that friendly). If you do that to friends…imagine what you plant on Russian and Chinese systems. And what they do plant on our systems could be even more worrisome as now, with the internet of things, also your car, television, fridge can be exposed.

It is literally a killswitch “lights-out” scenario and probably the first things you will notice in a full war scenario.

What you can do about it? Quite a few survival things essential to give the government the time to restore services in a week.

-Keep some long conservation food (and water!) – I was in Italy when Chernobyl happened…the supermarkets ran out of food in circa 2 hours.

-Have some camping gear (gas camping stove, barbecues, lights, candles etc)

-Keep some cash (the ATM and banks will be some of the first targets)

-Keep at least 50% of fuel in the car (well, if it is internet-connected, get a bicycle)

If it last more than a week, you better leave the main cities. There are war games scenarios that show that the crippling of the water systems for a week will bring back cholera and other nasty illnesses.

You never know when if happens, but unfortunately it will be always more frequently.



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