A Middle East Game of Thrones 

Posted: June 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

I like the Middle East it is really like a good book avere you cannot guess the end.

The current situation actually started with the shale gas  in the US that allowed the US to be more independent and less caring of the Middle East.

President Trump is simply accellerating something that would have happened anyway.

Trump visit to Saudi Arabia somehow emboldened the Saudis to take matter into their hands.

So they started the Qatar siege and became more active against Iran and warned Turkey to stay out of the Gulf.

The key piece of this chess play is Prince Salmon, the new young prince (Macchiavellian indeed) and future king of Saudi Arabia. 

 He is considered the mastermind behind the Yemen war and the founder of the Vision 2030 plan for Saudi Arabia.

Vision 2030 in very short words is using the cash from oil to remodernize Saudi Arabia and pushing it towards an IT mastermind role.

So he is the one who pushed for the Aramco IPO (he wants it in US to be liked by Trump, other losing factions in London as they are scared of the potential legal issues in US (terror laws)).

In light of this he pushed heavy investment in high tech and a new friendship with Israel (very advanced in IT ).

On the other side is very aggressive and impredictable and a fierce enemy of Iran.

His Vision 2030 is very interesting,  but Iran could have another vision. Or maybe is just a ploy to raise the spectre of a Saudi/Iran war and oil prices, after having flushed out the oil speculators in the current sell off. He needs good money for the Aramco IPO.

As I say a great book with real consequences. 


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