Geopolitical stress points

Posted: June 21, 2017 in Uncategorized

There are now three main geopolitical stress points.

North Korea: the death of Otto Warmbier complicates the issue. President Trump acknowledged that China tried, but could not convince North Korea. As the main secret service point to the development of ballistic missiles capable to reach the US is approximately 18 month away, the latest date for a real decision on a military attack is 12 months.

Syria: the US shot down another drone (this time Iranian made). This is putting pressure on President Putin (already down in the polls).

This is a big issue.

Not reacting makes him look weak (and you cannot look weak in Russia).

His allies (Syria and Iran) could start questioning his real support – does the famous red line really exist – or not?

Even more, do the famous anti aircraft Russian missile (S300 and S400) really work against the last generation of US fighter jet – or they are a kind paper-tiger?

If it responds, are we getting close to a US/Russia confrontation?

Saudi/Iran: Iran has accused Saudi Arabia to be behind the IS attack on the Iranian parliament and Saudi apparently have captured a Iranian vessel with spies ready to blow up some Saudi’s gas infrastructure.



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