The US and the Middle East

Posted: June 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

The 14th June has been an important date. President Trump delegated the Middle Eastern wars to General Mattis.

In Obama times all the war decisions were taken by bureaucrats, now they are taken by warriors.

This means less wars, but more brutal (a more civilian deaths as you cannot fight an enemy that hides within civilians without killing civilians).

General Mattis knows the power and the limits of the US and that cannot take against all at one.

He has a hit list, that follows as

  1. Afghanistan (so not to lose 15 years of gains)
  2. Iraq (get rid of IS and limit the Iranian influence)
  3. Syria (contain Iran/Syria…but avoid escalation)
  4. Yemen (support the Saudi, eliminate Al Qaeda) and end the war under UN rules)
  5. Somalia (eliminate Al Qaeda)
  6. Target Iran

A lot to do. This tell you that, notwithstanding the new Syrian issues, the US is not escalating the Syrian battleground.

It is a good plan, but I don’t think that Iran will wait to be number 6.




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