An Iranian fog of war

Posted: June 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

Iran had a full on terror attack.

It is strangely close to the President Trump visit and Qatar issues.

On the surface is quite clear – Iran has been one of the main ground force against Islamic State and Islamic State retaliate.

The fact that President Trump accuses Iran (Shia) to sponsor Islamic State (Sunni, very close to the Saudi Wahhabism) show that he does not understand (or, more likely, he understands but he needs the Saudis as ally).

As the fog of war dictate, there is an alternative scenario.

The attack could be a false flag (or allowed to happen) as an attack on the Iranian Parliament is a casus belli (reason to go to war) and the Iranian Armed Forces (IRGC) already accused the Saudi to be behind it.

Translation: if you decide to put excessive pressure on Qatar – we already have the pretext for war. An ultimatum, Iranian style.

In a confrontation Saudi/Iran, the Saudi will be annihilated without the US. An intervention of US would provoke an intervention of Russia….

So please let’s go back to be “nice” neighbours


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