Qatar – latest developments

Posted: June 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

Qatar has been put under pressure by Saudi Arabia, US and the GCC (Gulf countries).

Turkey, Russia, Iran and a few others are trying to de-escalate the situation.

What and Why?

It has all escalated as in early 2017 a Qatary royal family hunting party in Iraq (about 50 people) got kidnapped. They then got released with a ransom of $1 billion (!!) – it seems $700 million Iran and $300 million other Iraqi parties.

But this is a pretext. Always Qatar had independent streak from Saudi – it was financing Turkey and the Turkey-aligned militia in Syria – he was closer to Iran and so on.

The President Trump visit to Saudi Arabia gave the authority to Saudi Arabia to bring into line Qatar.

Qatar has a lot of gas reserves, but all food and services are coming from Saudi Arabia. It also hosts one of the largest US military bases.

Saudi imposed no fly zone over Saudi Arabia and associated countries and a naval blockade. Skynews reported that it just gave a 10 points ultimatum to comply within 24hours (the points are not known). Skynews Arabia just retreated the ultimatum saying it was fake news.

Tension remain high. Quite understandably nothing will happen. But if it would, Iran will not stay passively watching and Saudi Arabia has no chance against Iran, without President Trump help.

It is kind of funny. As you watch North Korea and Syria..always something else happens (and gold approaches $1,300)


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