US preparing to go after Iran

Posted: June 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

The US is preparing its next campaign against Iran – in case the war with North Korea does not work.

A new anti Iran CIA specialist  D’Andrea, aka The Dark Prince or Ayatollah Mike (as he converted to Islam) has been selected by President Trump.

This is important as D’Andrea is practically the “wet job” arm of the CIA (responsible for drone attacks, the killing of Bin Laden and other extreme rendition operation).

This is the third point of the triad. McMaster and Mattis, the other two military heads, are already against Iran as they deem Iran the responsible of the huge US losses in Iraq (in my opinion correctly so).

Not many people knows that General Mattis went to then President Obama with a plan to hit back at Iran- but he was vetoed.

With all these military experts at the head of the US military complex there is a huge difference from President Obama time.

The military man tends to avoid at all costs, but then if war needs to happen they will apply an unconstrained war scenario similar to the US versus Germany or Japan – not a minimum casualties scenario like under Obama/Clinton. Which by the way is the only way to win a war.

The perfect evil scenario would be a showdown in Syria, especially in the Al Tanf area (near Raqqa) where, with IS defeated, the Iranian Shiite are trying to create an axis Iran/Iraq/Syria/Lebanon.

The showdown would be USA, Turkey, Syrian Free Army, Saudi and Co. (including, secretly Israel) versus Iran and Co, Russia, Syrian Army (including, secretly, China)

If that conflict goes haywire and links with a North Korea war scenario…pack your bags for the countryside.


Wow…just writing this and another part of the puzzle fell into the slot.

Qatar have been expelled by the Gulf partner region (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Barhain) as supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and implicitly Iran.Naturally no one knows if this is truth or part of something else.


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