End of the American Empire?

Posted: June 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

The latest weeks have shaken the world.

With Europe President Trump made a key enemy in Merkel’s Germany – the de facto ruler of Europe. Moreover it did not subscribe to Article 5 of the NATO pact (the automatic protection in case of attack).

Immediately after, China and India organised a trip to Europe (to fill in the gap?) and Vladimir Putin had nice conversation with Macron (who was clearly antagonistic with Trump).

Now the horrendous move of President Trump is just another nail in the coffin to the US as world leader.

This will be a long and painful process where instead of the US a world leader – the US will become first between equals – a multi polar world with US, China, European Union (if it survives), Russia and in the future India all sharing the leadership.

In effect President Trump is just accelerating (a lot) a pattern.

This, as usual, as a lot of good and bad consequences, but philosophically


Power sharing makes the world more equal, but also global decisions are harder to take.

The US, as a democracy, has been very aggressive and contributed to a lot of wars. US has been 93% of the times at war (222 years out of 239 – only the Roman Empire had been so much at war!).


There is not anymore a “world policeman”.

Changes bring a lot of uncertainties.

In history of human kind there has b=never been a superpower relinquishing the power without a major war. In a sense even the 2 world war was the battle between the old British Empire and the rising Germany – by comparison this would be a battle between US and China (starting with North Korea) – if history repeat India and or Russia could be the ultimate winner in this scenario as China and US would be devastated.


This also brings to the fore another question: all the stories about Trump impeachment and FBI enquiry could be all of a front to ditch Trump and substitute him with President Pence – a super -acceptable candidate for all the political side (and, to reinforce this, VP Pence just opened to campaign donation…coincidences?) and able to stall the US demise as world superpower. Just saying,


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