G7: a new Europe Update

Posted: May 29, 2017 in Uncategorized

In Sicily happened something amazing: Merkel and President Trump really fought.

Merkel practically said that the era of Europe leaving under the shadow of the US is finished and Europe will have to walk by itself.

Of special interest is the President trump unwilling to confirm the Article 5 (intervention of the alliance in case of attack) and the climate change denial .

This has good and bad implications.


– Europe can never strive under the economic clout of the US.

-With Macron in France, there is now a real opportunity that Germany and France start for real to “pull their weight” and really make Europe the third pole -aside the US and China.


Apparently President Trump never understood (well, between many other things) that the European Union was created to contain Germany (two times Germany was not contained the world had two major wars) and stop Russia. Before Ukraine there was a strange re alignment between Germany and Russia.

With a two days visit, President Trump created the possibility of an ancient horror to come back. Will it? Who knows. In 1929 Germany was a destroyed and pacified country. 10 years after was rebuilt and took on the world, almost winning.  Now things move so much faster.

That is the reality.

As for conspiracy theory (too good to pass it on)

If “Spectre of 007” existed – this would be the final phase of the German resurgence.

The financial crisis made Germany the “de facto” savior and first nation of Europe.

Brexit eliminated the only real danger to German dominance within Europe

President Trump is eliminating the containment structure for Germany in the world.

Both Brexit and Trump pulled Europe in a more integrated direction.

It sounds like the plot of new book.


Germany already building a European Army…better than a book!



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