North Korea update 29 May

Posted: May 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

North Korea issue disappeared by the media headline, but it is still there.


It is quite hard to find information (a bit worrying).


From what I gather:

-Another US aircraft group (the Ronald Reagan) entered the Korean area

-There has been an accident on the DMZ (North Korea flew what apparently was a drone and South Korea shot warning shots at it with heavy machine gun.

-There have been some speeches (specially from Gen Mattis) that a North Korean war would be too violent – it could real or disinformation

-It seems that the ransomware that last week hit everything could have been generated from North Korea (unless someone planted a North Korean code in it).

-The 2 latest missiles test were quite worrying. The first is medium range (5,000Km)  ICBM – very close to the intercontinental missiles needed to hit the US West Coast) and the second is just a short range (500km), but already ready to be combat-deployed.

As a post before – why North Korea hate so much the US? In the North Korean War of the 1950s the US practically carpet bombed the entire North Korea killing between 10% and  20% of the population. And an armistice was signed, not a peace treaty.

The solution are two

A) The Americans accept a Nuclear ICBM North Korea within a max of 3 years

B) Some kind of war will start before then.


President Trump, in a conversation with the Philippines President, admitted there are also 2 nuclear powered submarine circling around North Korea.

–Update 29 May

More ballistic missiles from North Korea and some (at least on paper) new upgrade in their air defence assets.

A third US Aircraft group (the completely refurbished USS Nimitz) is steaming towards North Korea. It will take a few weeks, but it is practically unheard of such a concentration of war assets without a war (something similar happened in major escalations as the start of the bombing campaign against Islamic State, Libya etc).

China seems to take a step back in pressuring North Korea (not stupidly, a cut in the oil supply to North Korea could really have an effect (regime change or, if Kim thinks he has nothing to lose, war).

Russia supplanted China as the only friend of North Korea, but nobody knows to what extent (they opened some trade routes, but are the Russian doing something else? Probably so, but no one knows).


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