An alternative take on the North Korean issue

Posted: April 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

The following is not a conspiracy theory, but a possibility as in geopolitics seldom things are clear as they seem.

The North Korean issue has been long boiling and going unscathed through a lot of US Presidents. North Korea shelled a South Korean island, sank a South Korea  military vessell with almost 50 sailors lost and nothing happened. The first nuclear test was in 2006.

Now we are at the verge of a military conflict on nothing.

Why? The normal reasons you can read it on BBC. The second normal reason is that the North Korean in maximum 3 years will have ICBM missiles that can hit the US mainland.

There is also an alternative reason. China now is for real becoming a strategic threat to the US. Building island in the Pacific, but also in the Atlantic (more commercial apparently ,  Cabo Verde)  and the new Chinese Silk Road.

A conflict in North Korea could have several disruptive issues for China.

-Mass immigration from.North Korea

-Potential trade disruptions (specially considering the NK submarine fleet)

– large war side effects

-allow the US an excuse for a large presence of military forces in the South China Sea

-Push the US allies to major military expenses (specially Japan, South Korea, Taiwan).

As negative there is always the large amount of casualties…but, as Macchiavelli teaches, those are mere side effects.

As you see, unfortunately,  it is less crazy than you think.


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