French election results

Posted: April 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

Macron and Le Pen passed to the second round.

The market cheers as Macron will probably defeat Le Pen in the second round.

Macron successfully represented himself as an outsider and, in a usual pattern, got endorsed by everyone (including some unions!) as in reality he is the shadow representative of the elites.

Most probably he will win in the second round. The one potential risk is that Assange of wikileaks has really a bomb like news. And that all the endorsements from the elites wakes up the electorate that Macron is the elite candidate.

But even in this positive scenario (Macron win) there are two outcomes.

The right (nationalistic) side never been so strong and Macron is the last chance of the elites 

For the first time in France the old parties that dominated the political landscape are not even represented and this is a revolution in itself. Specially that in a socialist country as France there is no socialist party represented.

This is a revolution in itself.


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