Sit Rep North Korea 22 April

Posted: April 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

The next big day for North Korea is the 25th, another important day.

Meanwhile everybody is preparing for worst case scenario – world war 3. 

US the Vincent aircraft carrier group is still heading slowly towards South Korea. As General McMaster is really smart I think the deviation is just a trick. Anyway other 2 carrier groups are heading there and 2 destroyers are in position and there are big exercises going on in South Korea (17,000 Americans and over 300,000 South Koreans).

China has alerted at least 150,000 soldiers and their aircraft bombers are in maximum alert.

Russia has at least 3 ships and several trains have been spotted going towards the North Korean front line.

Naturally everyone is saying they are military exercises. And nobody wants North Korea to fall to the US, by the way.


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