North Korea did not blow up

Posted: April 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hey! We are still here! North Korea did not blow up.

After the fizzle launch missile we have to watch for the 25th April (another NK special day and the day the first carrier group arrives in NK).

Apparently there are two other carrier group going towards NK for a serious firepower show. Plus there are the US subs. The US activated its anti missile shield (THAAD) – even if with protests of China and Russia.

On the US/Nork Korea side you can be sure

  • Nor Trump, nor Kim Jong Un will back down
  • General Mcmaster is a specialist in “left of field” strategies so the attack will probably be different from what you expect and not when you expect.

All peace chance are on China to put pressure on North Korea. They will put pressure.

I do not know if China can pull it off. Last year the uncle of Kim Yong Un was killed (by artillery!!) as he was too close to the Chinese. He recently killed his half brother as he was cultivated by the Chinese as  potential substitute.

The Chinese have moved (or are ready to move 150,000 soldiers) to the North Korea border as they do not want a united Korea under the South Korean government clse to the US.

The situation is more fluid that the market realizes.


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