French elections

Posted: April 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

As Trump attacked Syria and sent warships to North Korea, the French election went out of focus – even if they could destroy the European Union.

Le Pen and Fillon are neck and neck. Polls give a slight advantage to Le Pen and the usual defeat in second round.

The new factor is that Melechon, one of the more extreme left candidates, caught up in the polls with them.

As polls can be wrong any of the three can reach the second stage.

We could even have a Le Pen vs Melechon face off with no establishment candidate!

Melechon is a pure socialist that want to rise the minimum wage and he is against European institutions and Germany and limits that cripple the poor and is vaguely pro Russia.  

He kind of share many of Le Pen points, but he is more vague about if he wants out of the EU.


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