SEAL Ryan Owen, American hero

Posted: March 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

In February there was a not so perfect American navy SEAL operation in Yemen.

It resulted in SEAL Team 6 Williams “Ryan” Owen and wounding of other 3 in an operation against Al Qaeda in Yemen. But a trove of documents had been found.

Everybody accused President Trump of give it a go to a bad operation (already approved by President Obama) or accusing the SEAL themselves.

Unfortunately the SEAL cannot tell us what they found.

But if you connect the dots…after less than a month there is a strict ban of electronics on airlines from the Arabic regions.

The news said that Al Qaeda in Yemen wanted to plant bombs in the batteries of laptops in flights from the Middle East (UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt and Algeria) – yes also Emirates Airlines etc so dear to Australians.

We will never know, but most likely Owen and his team saved 300 people from being blown from the sky.

Thank you


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