The First Trump speech

Posted: March 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

Well, President Trump spoke to the Congress.

It was very Presidential with no demagogic attacks.

The Congress looking very split (Democrats practically  always sitting and Republican applauding).

Trump did not say anything new (he confirmed a big tax plan, a USD1 Trillion infrastructure spending), but nothing new detail in how it will be done and financed.

Practically no details and repeat of his conservative agenda and his idea that the US should work for the US and not be the savior of the world.

No major reaction from the market.

Practically -market wise – the FED stole the show as market data show a chance of raising rates in March close to 75% from a lowly base.

The markets will have to wait for a little bit more. Or will they. At the moment futures and commodities are quite stable.


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