Trump: a US Games of Thrones

Posted: February 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

Article 25 is actually not far away for real.

Already a few senators (Blumenaur -Dem. Oregon), Franken (Dem-Minnesota), Lieu (Dem- California) between others, hinted at the eventuality.

Article 25 (US President dismissed as unfit for command) has been invoked 6 times (two against Nixon and the others for medical reason (temporary as the President was going under medical procedures).

While it allows the Vice President to take over, the President can challenge it and to defeat a President the Congress needs to have a 75% majority.

But let’s take a step back.

The supposed “craziness” of Trump stems from several high level leaks about Trump and his advisers phone calls (supposedly secret) and partly to Trump own behaviors and the media “interpretation” of his behavior.

The leaks stems from an authorization that Obama signed (the 12th January 2017!!) that allows the NSA to share its data collected with 16 US agencies.

At the moment I did not connect the dots, but now it appears that this NSA sharing has allowed a lot of people (some of who certainly hates Trump, for example the EPA (Environmental agency), the US Border Patrol and others) to access and leak secret documents.

So there is an orchestrated move to discredit Trump and his administration so to be able to call Article 25.

President Trump could be crazy, but he is not stupid – just unconventional.

He started with what the media (and non Middle US viewers) depicted as a unhinged interview and then it was followed with a “back to basics” campaign style rally in Florida with his core supporters.

The interview and the rally is aimed squarely (and correctly) to his core supporter of Mid-America. The 80% zero asset citizens that constitute its power base.

The message is clear. If you raise Article 25, I can raise the masses with a clear message – the elites together with the media are enacting a soft coup and I could start a civil war (and lot of the zero asset people in US are part of the army and definitely armed).

But this game of throne scenario goes beyond the US.

How the President Trump behaves does implicitly reflects on the various European elections and the populist parties. Already the populist Netherlands party is losing some voters as the media make people be scared of populist figures like Trump (and they do not talk of the quite successful populist vote on Trump). It is an “heart and mind” operation to influence the future of the West.

You can believe me or not, but there are more truths out there -always think about what anyone is telling you.



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