The US Deep State wins again

Posted: February 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

The US Deep State won again.

The Deep State got rid of security adviser Flynn.

He was the main responsible of the foreign policies of Trump that broke with the past.

As now you can see Russia is back to be an enemy, Iran the evil kingdom.

There are legal preparations for the US to intervene both in Yemen and Syria with the excuse to create safe zones.

So President Trump just became another puppet of the Deep State.

It won again as the other victory is when the Deep State neutered Obama with the 2008 Reverend Jeremy Wright controversy. Funny enough it happened in March 2008 – just over a month into President Obama presidency. With President Trump they acted slightly faster not to allow him to do something irreversible.

Logically there were no need to take action with the Bush Presidents or Clinton as they were already part of the oil-weapon lobbies.

I know it sounds almost conspiratory and quite like 007 Spectre (unfortunately without 007 to take it down),  as President Eisenhower said – it is  powerful and unchecked lobby of the military and oil apparatus which became  stronger due to the Cold War.


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