Greece (again!)

Posted: February 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

As I told my clients earlier in the year, Greece is at odds again with the creditors.

The IMF and Greece again do not agree and, even with all austerity measures in place, by 2-13 (not a typo) the Greek debt will decrease from 179% to 160% (and then skyrocket again – by 2060 the IMF calculates that it will be 275% of the GDP).

Greece in July will not have Euro 7 billion to repay the creditors (which is a vicious circle…Greece borrows to repay creditors that then they give credit to Greece and make money on that).

PM Tsipras had a mandate from the public (referendum) and disavowed it. He should be booted from Greece or learn from Trump and his multiple bankruptcy (4 business filed for Chapter 11).



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