Australia threading lightly on the Pacific

Posted: February 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

The start of the relationship with the new US Administration started on a rocky pattern, but geopolitical imperative will prevail.

Even if Australia enjoy a nice “far away” location it does not have the economic power to build  enough of a “blue sea” fleet to secure its critical commercial sea-lanes.

To this effect Australia is ” hostage” of the US. Even with an expanded military budget (+USD$26 Billion planned for the next decade in 2016) it cannot dream to create a force against China and the like.

So it will maintain its alliance with the US, but also trying to maintain a low profile – avoiding joint exercises with the US in the South China Sea and avoiding with alliances with Japan or other countries that could bring Australian forces closer to a potential flash point.

Anyway, Australia, and the entire Pacific region, is entering in a new phase where situations and alliances are quite fluid after over 50 years of status quo.


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