President Trump and the scary Obama legacy – Part 2

Posted: January 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

So why should President Obama would want to give President Trump an increase power.

Practically there are two theories possible

  1. The US defense lobby is super powerful (no need to tell you with all those massacre and not a low passed against owning guns). Jack Ma, Chinese billionaire founder of Alibaba, accused the US of spending more than USD14 trillion in the last 30 years in wars. And mainly the weakening US economy is propped up by the military industry.The military lobby logically do not care if Obama, Clinton, Trump are Presidents and just needs new wars (hello hello…Trump just hinted that the US should invade Iraq again).  So the increase  of the powers suits the lobbies that have a “shadow hand” behind the US Government
  2. President Obama gave rationally pore power to President Trump so the new President would be too tempted not to use and probably would end up impeached. This could be a scary strategy as it could easily backfire as Trump already outsmarted the Clinton/Obama election strategy and could be the end of the US democracy (if it ever was a democracy)

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