President Trump and the scary Obama legacy

Posted: January 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

President Obama is leaving a scary legacy that could make President Trump the last America democratically elected US President.

Under President Obama the Presidential powers got terribly expanded.

Apart an almost unaccountable hunter killer drone program..a few other pieces of legislation.

Lybia…Obama introduced the possibility of attack for humanitarian reason (not defence from.potential attack as before) and bypassed the 3 months limit (before having to ask permission from Congress)  as air strikes (over 7000) were not defined as war.

He attacked Islamic State even if Islamic State did not threaten the US ( under the Terror act after 9/11 anti terror attack were allowed, without Congressional approval, only against imminent terror attack). 

And the above are not the only one.

But what worries me most is that in the 15 days before President Trump takes over President Obama signs a law against fake news (could CNN be a fake news producer? For President Trump definitely yes) and  a law that allows the NSA sharing information with a multitude of US agencies.

A movie could be made of a conspiracy theory of a good President paving the way for bad President…..  


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