Trump: can the world handle the truth?

Posted: January 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

At least in the last two decades and most probably forever, the world populace has been told a bunch lies….European Union is good for you, China plays by the rules etc.

Now, in its first real interview, Trump is saying the truth. But I do not know if the world is ready for it.

Some examples.

The stock market has been held up and “made rally” by the Federal Reserve (from my data true).

Russia does not pose an imminent threat to the US – it is simply the bogey man to push more weapon sales to the US by the defence corporate (it is mainly truth as the US economic machine is based a lot on wars. That is why the original President Obama anti IS strategy was containment and not destruction…a constant enemy makes you keep on producing and wasting arms….until Putin arrived and changed the game). true

China plays by its own rules (true) and manipulates data and prices at its own convenience.

And the latest ….EU is a vehicle to make Germany rich, NATO is obsolete focusing on Russia and not terrorism, Brexit is good for the UK (well the IMF just upgraded the UK GDP forecasts) and a trade deal with the UK will be a priority and other nations will follow Brexit example. (again true)

So I think President Trump will  tear apart the veil of lies that politicians fed us.

Will the population handle the truth or start a revolution?

Or will the CIA take care of him? Well, if you want a conspiracy theory…the last President that did not play by the rules (eg wanted to end the Vietnam war etc) was John F Kennedy and we all know how he ended.




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