The last moment of President Obama

Posted: January 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

Today President Obama bid farewell.


As any, its presidency had positive and negative.

There was not a single day of the US not being at war – and per converse it gave the US one of the best bull market of history together with the “independent” Federal Reserve.

But also he crushed so much hopes that, out of rebellion, the normal middle class ousted him with the biggest slap in the face by electing Trump.

It was the only President in which a Red Line got crossed  (gassing in Syria) and that costed the US almost 2/3 of the Middle East.

In the US we had the biggest surge of mass shooting and gun crime. In his Chicago in 2016 there had been 762 homicides. More than double respect two years ago. Mass Shootings increased a stunning 246.7% (average per year 18.5 vs pre Obama 7.83)

I do not know why…but it is maybe part of the symptoms of the anger  that made people choose even Trump to have something different.

The US is slightly improving, but it is hard to quantify as the US Administration changed the GDP rules in 2014 – inflating numbers ( between R&D expenses, IP are now fixed assets).

Also the full employment, if you dig in the numbers, is not so good. Minimum wage is $15 an hour (minimum $7.25), jobs precarious, participation rate is low (62.7% from 67.3% in 2000 – close to the minimum in 38 years -62.2% in April 2016.

Racism is rampant, reminiscent of the apartheid in South Africa

Obama unfortunately was a very good speaker with amazing oratory skills that increased hope that then got crushed.

A bit of a delusion. From a start of “yes we can” to a “no we can’t”.

President Trump upset (as Brexit, as the Italian referendum, as Europe next year) are just signs of the rebellion of the developed country middle class – literally wiped out – starting in 1990s.

From the 2017, everything changes.

May the odds be ever in your favor- the Hunger Games have just started – your decision about investments will shape your family future.


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