Outrage Over the Economy Doesn’t Explain Surging Global Populism

Posted: December 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

This is a beautiful article to go a bit deeper to try to understand how Brexit, Trump and the Italian referendum it is not just populism and it is practically unstoppable.

A real outrage as the elite skewed the system towards the wealthy and the elites that, with globalization, organized a massive wealth transfer from the developed nations middle class to, on average, the nascent Asian middle class and pocketed the difference. 

When you transfer a company from Australia, Italy.. killing jobs and increase the profits for the business owner and forget that the people that had the jobs actually can vote…that is what happens.

It is quite simple indeed. People do not like change, but push them enough and they will. It took over 20  years to happen,  but now it is irreversible.

Outrage Over the Economy Doesn’t Explain Surging Global Populism http://bloom.bg/2iyJncy


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